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The history of the Volkswagen Beetle in Brazil intersects with that of Policristal during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Policristal was established in 1962 by Armando Politanski. At a time when Brazil’s automobile industry was still in its infancy, Policristal began developing its renowned buttons and handles. Notably, these included complete sets of buttons for the dashboard and gearshift knob of the VW Beetle. These kits were crafted from colored and transparent resin, featuring function indicators internally and brass bushings.

The company showcased its products at the Salão do Automóvel do Brasil (Brazilian Auto Show), a step that solidified its presence in the automotive sector. It obtained approval as a supplier for assembly lines of prominent brands like Mercedes Benz, Valmet, and Romi. In subsequent years, Policristal extended its supply to Fiat Allis, Ford New Holland, and Caterpillar.

The success story wasn’t limited to these components. Policristal also manufactured various accessories, including rain gutters, buttons for diverse vehicle models, and sun visors. Operating with a workforce of 250 employees divided into three shifts at its Rua Piratininga facility, it continued producing these components.

The current relaunch maintains the same production process and quality standards established in the 1960s, which contributed to our brand becoming a market benchmark. This special edition commemorates 60 years of Policristal.

Available in all four original colors and three thread sizes for the gearshift handle: M7, M10, and M12.


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