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Established in the early 1960s as a resin parts manufacturer, POLICRISTAL has emerged as a prominent force in crafting Tombstones, Trophies, and Honorary Plaques. Our products have graced some of the most significant events and garnered substantial visibility in the national media over the years. With a legacy spanning decade, we continue to stand at the forefront of our industry.



Policristal achieves accreditation as a supplier for the assembly lines of Mercedes Benz, Valmet, and Romi.

Initiation of involvement in the promotional market.

Commencement of a partnership with the esteemed plastic artist Aldemir Martins, involving the replication of numerous sculptures in polyester resin.


1991 - The second generation of Policristal's leadership takes the reins with Paulo Politanski and Paulo Marçal at the helm.

Policristal gains accreditation as a supplier of original parts for Caterpillar and Fiat Allis.

Introduction of production for colored decorative objects. Recognition as the recipient of the Design Award for the tricolor candlestick.

Enhancement of engagement in the trophy sector, resulting in the creation of significant awards such as the Abril Journalism Award.

In 1999, the development of a commemorative gift to mark Petrobras' 45th anniversary is undertaken – a miniature barrel containing oil.


We collaborated with Petrobras to create a miniature barrel that played a significant role in the inauguration of the inaugural oil extraction from the pre-salt layer in Espírito Santo.

Initiation of the production of various gifts associated with the Pre-Salt sector.

Heightened focus on the manufacturing of awards and tombstones.


1962 - Policristal is established by Armando Politanski.

Initial emphasis on the production of knobs and handles, including successful products like comprehensive dashboard knob kits and gearstick balls for the VW Beetle.

Participation in the 2nd edition of the Motor Show.


Continued emphasis on manufacturing promotional items, accompanied by the commencement of trophy production.

Crafting of jewelry designed by artists.

Replication of sculptures by diverse plastic artists.


Petrobras collaborates on the creation of several pieces featuring internal oil, such as key chains and maps of Brazil.

Increased involvement in the realm of gifts.

Cessation of production for the automobile industry and decoration.

Augmented participation in the supply of trophies.

Discovery of the tombstone market, catering to celebrations of substantial financial transactions.

Década de 60

1962 - Fundação da Policristal por Armando Politanski.

Atuação na área de botões e manoplas. Entre seus produtos de grande sucesso estão os kits completos de botões do painel e bola de câmbio do Fusca.

Participação na 2ª Edição do Salão do Automóvel.

Década de 70

A Policristal é homologada como fornecedora da linha de montagem da Mercedes Bens, Valmet e Romi.

Participação no mercado promocional.

Início da parceria com o renomado artista plástico Aldemir Martins, reproduzindo várias esculturas em resina de poliéster.

Década de 80

Destaque para a continuação da fabricação das peças promocionais com o início da produção de troféus.

Fabricação de bijuterias desenhadas por artistas plásticos.

Reprodução de esculturas de diversos artistas plásticos.

Década de 90

1991 – Assume a segunda geração de diretores da Policristal com Paulo Politanski e Paulo Marçal.

A Policristal foi homologada como fornecedora das peças originais Caterpillar e Fiat Allis.

Início da produção de objetos para decoração coloridos. É premiada com o Prêmio de Design com o castiçal tricolor.

Intensifica sua participação na área de troféus, confeccionando prêmios importantes como o Prêmio Abril de Jornalismo.

Em 1999 desenvolve o brinde para comemoração dos 45 anos de Petrobras – miniatura de barril com óleo internamente.


Petrobras desenvolve várias peças com óleo interno como chaveiros e mapas do Brasil.

Intensifica sua participação em brindes.

Encerra a produção de peças para a indústria automobilística e decoração.

Aumenta a participação no fornecimento de troféus.

Descobre o mercado de tombstones, uma comemoração do mercado financeiro de grandes operações.


Desenvolvemos com a Petrobras uma miniatura de barril que foi utilizado na inauguração da primeira extração de óleo da camada pré-sal no Espírito Santo.

Criação de diversos brindes relativos ao Pré-Sal.

Intensificação da produção de prêmios e tombstones.


Tradition and Quality

A distinguished Brazilian brand with a distinct identity and international standards, we excel in personalized service, punctual delivery, superior quality, flawless manual craftsmanship for each creation, and adaptability in project development.

Established Since 1962

Operating proudly since 1962, we have upheld our core values of crafting bespoke products, adhering to high-quality standards, and tailoring them meticulously for every occasion.


Every piece is meticulously tailored through a meticulous handmade manufacturing process, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and uncompromising quality. Our team of specialized and trained professionals brings creative projects to life through their expertise.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to offering tailored solutions in Tombstones and personalized trophies, adapting flexibly to meet our customers' expectations. Guided by ethics and responsibility, our aim is to play a meaningful role in important and commemorative moments.

Our Vision

Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as a benchmark in the tombstones and personalized trophies market.

Our Values

Our foundation is built upon an ethical stance, a sense of responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to quality.


Discover the stages of our workflow, from project inception to the finalization of each piece.



We receive the project briefing and commence the artwork development phase.



Liquid resin is meticulously prepared in designated colors and poured into specialized molds, where it undergoes solidification.



A series of intricate operations are executed involving lathes, milling machines, files, welding, and ovens. This step includes measurement adjustments, mold and template preparation for subsequent processes.



Acrylic sheets are expertly laser cut into various shapes and thicknesses.



Combining mechanical and manual sanding techniques, we refine the pieces. Polishing and sandblasting follow suit, culminating in seamless assembly through precise gluing.



SILK PRINTING: Photoliths and matrices are meticulously prepared. Each color is handled individually, with the printing process carried out sequentially. DIGITAL PRINTING: Designs are tailored, and UV printed with meticulous precision.


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